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Siyak Seenu started 5 years ago with the aim of bringing a different approach to how weddings in Sri Lanka are filmed and edited. Siyak Seenu is a Sinhalese phrase that literally translates to ‘a myriad bells’ but also connotes the idea of divine celebrations.

We believe that it is well and truly your day

Instead of following a preconceived format or popular tends in the wedding industry we want to put together your memories in a way that suits your personality and tastes. A video that is made unique by the mood and spirit of the day and the emotions of the loved ones who were a part of it.

We believe that less is more

Capture your day in the most candid and natural manner with the least amount of intrusion. Replace awkward posing and heavy handed directing with attention to detail that tells the story of your relationship. We strive to be a friendly approachable crew that will blend in as a part of your wedding day experience rather than appear as hired hands.

Handcrafted to last a lifetime

With us video making is not a factory process. Each edit is given its due time on the editing table. We pick the right music, the right tone and most importantly the right shot to make your memories timeless.

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Tristanne & Jegan

Trailer: Niv & Saz

Laura & Adel

Storyteller: Kathi & Tristan

Storyteller: Alberto & Virginia

Storyteller: Marcus & Bianca

Storyteller: Tani & Tom

Storyteller: Jaya & Hans

Storyteller: Ram & Prashanthy

What we offer

  • We make 2 High Definition videos from your footage that will meet the traditional and modern expectations of wedding coverage.
  • Friendly, approachable and nonintrusive crew that leaves a minimal footprint on your wedding.
  • A highlights edit that goes beyond the industry standard 5 minute limit and gives a complete picture of your wedding day.
  • Natural, unposed moments captured from the actual flow of events.
  • 12 hours of multi camera coverage.
  • Our pioneered storytelling approach with the option to tell your story in true documentary fashion.
  • Speeches incorporated to the video.
  • Music carefully chosen to fit the mood and your taste.
  • Videos delivered in Bluray and DVD, couriered to your door step.
  • Flexibility to revise both the highlights and extended videos over a 21 day period.


"Superb work, team Siyak Seenu! Our wedding video turned out so beautiful, very moment was captured perfectly and it really exceeded our expections. Our wedding guests still talk about our video - thank you for helping us relive and cherish our special day!"

Minna & Stefan

"You and your team have innate artistry and creativity, it's clearly a passion not just a job. You captured our most special and intimate moments of joy. It's a rare talent to fit so seamlessly into other people's special day and be part of it yet so respectful of it too. I feel you captured perfectly the couple we are (we look like us!) and the whole feel of the video is so well suited to our personalities. Thank you for capturing and putting together such a wonderful memory of one of the very best days of our lives."

Smruti & Pras

"You guys are just incredible at what you do and we absolutely loved the video. The entire presentation is absolutely breathtaking and we will continue to share these memories with our loved ones, enjoying the time we spent together, laughing and reminiscing back on that."

Amrita & Shamal
Sri Lanka

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